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>: I can't disagree with that. The "superiority" I was referring to was
>: intellectual superiority. The reasons we humans think we are so damned
>: smart is because we are. My challenge is to the notion that smartness is
>: necessarily a "good thing" in evolutionary terms. There are species
>: around which have been around longer than we have, and will probably be
>: here when we are long gone. And many of them have little if any brain at
>: all.
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>: Martin Dann
> If 'survival' were the whole story, then Palaeontology would confirm
> this by producing evidence that the fossil record is a gret mass
> of bizarre and eventually failed attempts at adaptation and
> survival.

Not necessarily. The process of evolution is such that 'bizarre'
adaptations don't usually survive long enough to to show in the fossil
record. There have been some bizarre adaptations (giant dinosaurs for
example) but there are plenty of fossils of those.
> In fact, the current landscape would be swarming with
> such a chaotic mass.

You give the impression that you have very little understanding of what
is involved here. What do you think the odds are against any creature
becoming a fossil? What are the odds on it not decomposing, not being
eaten, or crushed? And if by some freak chance does get fossilised, what
are the odds on that fossil getting destroyed, or buried beyond the
possibility of discovery? The amazing thing is that there are so many
fossils. It shows how rich, diverse and plentiful life has been.
> The fact is, of course, no such evidence
> exists.

I have no evidence that you exist Publius. Anyone could be writing these
articles;). But, on the whole, I believe in you. Everyone has to have
something to believe in eh?
> There is order and a 'Vector' guiding the progress of
> Life on Earth.

I knew a chap called Victor once, but I don't know this 'Vector'. What
*are* you talking about??

Martin Dann