Judith Datz (
12 Oct 96 18:27:29 -0700

In regerence to your question on evolutionary changes, it would be my
guess that were humans able to live on Mars, there would be a few
physical/biological adaptations that would have to take place. the
time frame for these physical changes to become noticable would take
a few generations. I would also imagine that a good deal of
inbreeding would take place, because not everyone would be able to
survive, so only those that could live to reproduce would...hope that
made sense. As far as mental changes, those would take place almost
immediately, as an entire new set of cultural norms would have to
take effect due to the different environmental constraints put on to
the society. However, there would be some philosophical differences
between the first few generations, but after awhile, the new
"culture" would be in full effect and you wouldn't notice the
physcological effects as much.

Hope that helps