Can anyone suggest anthropological works on sadomasochistic practice?

Jeff Mach (
11 Oct 1996 14:09:49 -0400

Hello! My name is Jeff Mach, and I am studying anthropology
at Rutgers University. I'm currently researching various practices of
of sadomasochism and consensual sexual dominance and submission
(obviously, "consensual" is hardly a clear-cut term, particularly in
terms of cultural gender/age/etc. that aspect is
pretty broad),
I was wondering if anyone could suggest any works on the
subject. I'm currently looking into some of the writings of Herdt and
Stoller, and I've been referred to some of the work of Richard
Sheckner, and I'm interested in finding other springboards.
If anyone out there might be doing similar work, I'd be very
interested in discussion, suggestions, and/or correspondance.

-Jeff Mach

My opinions might very well be the same as Rutgers University's...with
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