Re: Can anyone suggest anthropological works on sadomasochistic practice?

pvr/jkr (
13 Oct 1996 05:10:22 GMT

Hi Jeff,
Check out some of the works of Michel Foucault...not an anthropologist but
pretty interesting and provocative.

In article <53m2hd$>, says...
> Hello! My name is Jeff Mach, and I am studying anthropology
>at Rutgers University. I'm currently researching various practices of
>of sadomasochism and consensual sexual dominance and submission
>(obviously, "consensual" is hardly a clear-cut term, particularly in
>terms of cultural gender/age/etc. that aspect is
>pretty broad),
> I was wondering if anyone could suggest any works on the
>subject. I'm currently looking into some of the writings of Herdt and
>Stoller, and I've been referred to some of the work of Richard
>Sheckner, and I'm interested in finding other springboards.
> If anyone out there might be doing similar work, I'd be very
>interested in discussion, suggestions, and/or correspondance.
> -Jeff Mach

>My opinions might very well be the same as Rutgers University's...with
>this many administrators, who can tell?