I have some questions, about Mars and Nucluer war/Earth

Fri, 11 Oct 96 15:46:25 GMT


I'm writing a short story, or at least planning to, but I have certain
questions, I would be very grateful, if someone, who is a bit more
knowledgable about these things, could perhaps answer them for me.


-What would humans look like if they were to be 'adapted' or evolve on Mars?

-How could they be adapted?

-If humans were to be (at least partly), evolve on Mars, how long would it
take before you would notice certain physical (and perhaps mental) changes?

-Are there certian 'valuable' products on Mars, like certain metals etc?

-Could Mars, eventually, be totally self-sufficient?

-How would one go about creating certain lifegiving qualities on Mars, like

-What would the effects be on Earth if there were to be a globular Nucluer
war? Would every bit of life be destroyed? Would there be certain safe
zones, where the radiation couldn't penetrate? Would there be survivors for
that matter, and how long could they survive before surcomming to the

-Would one have to do to detoxify the Earth's atmosphere and ground to get
rid of these aftereffects, any theories?

I know many of these questions can only be answered speculativly, but I
would appreciate any theories answering these or some of these questions.

Thankyou kindly for reading and maybe a future response

I live in hope

Excuse the spelling.