Re: Further Evolution beyond the Human?

Adam Hibbert (
Tue, 8 Oct 1996 18:03:18 GMT

> uh, evolution is not finished, and no scientist would even say such a
> thing. it's happening all the time. Humanity is not the "final
> product" any more than the cockroach or the fern. life is life in all
> forms, and there is no center to it.

Evolution ain't finished out there in the Naturally-determined world
(wherever that might be these days), but when was the last time *you*
assessed a mate on his/her apparent reproductive potential? Humans aren't
evolving genetically because we have all latched on to a much faster and
more competitive level of evolution; cultural-scientific evolution. Genes
are just not an issue. There is *no* systematic pressure on a gene strain
from reproductive competition in human culture.

On the other hand,our bodies (phenotypes) are changing as the existing
genetic code exploits our improved access to resources, esp. steady
nutrition. We are taller than before because of these phenotypic effects,
not through gene mutation. It's anyone's guess how much height, strength
etc. is written into our code already, waiting to be realised when the
environmental conditions are appropriate.

Jus' finally, the way is open for us to begin to engineer ourselves
Lamarckian-style biological advances; I'd like to give my kids gills and
web feet. You might want to make little Arnold Schwarzeneggers. Evolution
is up to us.


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