Re: Further Evolution beyond the Human?

Theodore A. Holden (
Tue, 08 Oct 1996 12:48:39 GMT (socrates) wrote:

>> (socrates) wrote:

>>>>Evolutionism (the idea that <survival of the fittest> is the only moral
>>>>law in nature) has brought us English colonialism, the opium wars,
>>>>robber-baron capitalism, fascism, naziism, and two world wars.
>>>>You want to know what comes next? The answer is that unless
>>>>humankind disabuses itself of this stupid bullshit, WW-III comes next.

>>>Hate to interupt your diatribe with the facts but Colonialism, robber baron
>>>captilism, fascism, and opium wars where all pre Darwin events. As to WWI it
>>>was a war for greed pure and simple. As to racism and hate they have been
>>>around for a very long time

>>Learn some facts, and then worry about interrupting others with them; the one
>>comes before the other.

>>Ted Holden

>Typical response for you Mr. Holden, the facts don't match your preconceptions
>so avoid the issue and atttack the person!!!

For instance, Darwin's Origin of the Species was published in 1859 or
thereabouts, while serious industrialism and robber-baron capitalism in America
began with the arms industry at the time of the civil war and the vast expansion
of the railroads after the civil war (65). Hence your claim that robber-baron
capitalism preceeded Darwinism is idiotic. Likewise the opium wars occurred
around the turn of the last century. Again, learn some facts and then worry
about interrupting others with them.

According to several of the alt.atheists, religion was responsible for
uncontrolled and uncountable murder and evil all through history; you would
logically expect conditions to return to the natural state of the golden age
once religion was eliminated, at least amongst the intelligensia. Nonetheless,
as we have seen, the end of religion and the rise of Darwinism has brought
with it a series of wars and tragedies the likes of which has never been seen
since the days of Chengis Khan.

A recent news scene showed the father of a young girl who had been murdered
telling the murderer to say hello to Hitler and several other such personages
when he (the murderer) got to where he was going. I'd have included Charles
Darwin in the little list.

Ted Holden