FORMER White Power advocate proposes research

Milton Kleim (bb748@FreeNet.Carleton.CA)
6 Oct 1996 17:17:35 GMT

I attended St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, and received my BA in
Anthropology last year. I had always been fascinated about human origins
and human lifeways, so my major selection was an appropriate one.

Ironically, though, at the same time I was attending school for
Anthropology, I was conducting a massive propaganda campaign for the
rabidly racist White Nationalist "movement" here on the Internet.

I was a member of William Pierce's National Alliance for nearly a year,
and was an "associate" (i.e. follower) of his for much longer. I was the
chief (de facto) propagandist for the National Alliance on the Internet,
primarily USENET, for over two years. I was privy to much information
about the inner workings of the National Alliance (although I wish I had
even more knowledge). I had been invited to the Hillsboro, WV head-
quarters for the April 20th (Hitler's birthday) leadership conference, by
special signed invitation of Pierce. However, I did not attend due to a
major conflict which led to my resignation from (but not my disassociation
with) the Alliance.

Due to rather traumatic personal circumstances in late May and early June,
as well as a build-up of disgust and bitterness over the failings of the
White Nationalist "movement," I made a "resignation" statement in early
June (see my webpage -- "A Reckoning"). Further statements have been made
subsequently, and I am now completely free of the influence of the
"movement's" "persuasive" techniques. I feel it my duty to speak my mind
about the potentially evil possibilities which the "movement" can foster,
as it so boldly fostered in Oklahoma City.

In addition, as an amateur Anthropologist, I realize that just speaking
out taps only lightly the potential for what my experience and knowledge
_could_ do to enlighten society, specifically the academic world, about
not only potential violence, but how to _prevent_ the entrance of young
people like myself into the "movement" in the first place. What do they
say about prevention instead of cure?

I've done some research in the scholarly and semi-scholarly journals as
well as bound works, and have found little that properly addresses what
needs to be addressed in regards to identifying specifically the causes of
why young White people are attracted to the White Nationalist "movement,"
and how to overcome these causes, and offer alternatives for the
frustration of youth like myself.

Much of the material addressing the problem of youth attraction into the
"movement" is half-baked, often highly inaccurate works produced by the
Anti-Defamation League and other similar groups. They are not scholarly
by any means, nor are they adequate for any use due to their shallow
research and propaganda-like rhetoric, which misleads. A scientist, or
group of scientists, working with former youth members of the "movement,"
needs to do some quality research and objective work on this important
matter, and then produce both a monograph, as well as derivative materials
for laypeople.

Most of the people who join the "movement" are not evil, though they may
be violent. They are lost kids, like myself once was, bitter at a society
they perceive as betraying them, very similarly to how many Black youth
perceive their betrayal by a racist society that has little or no place
for them. Throwing anti-racist propaganda at them, like the ADL and those
who depend upon their research do, will only drive them away. Primary
research needs to be done to develop a sound alternative to the methods
now being used in schools to dissuade youth from associating with racist
groups, skinhead groups in particular. Their feelings cannot just be
swept aside, and dismissed as something they'll "just have to get over."
That only drives them towards racist groups, who offer them the ONLY
"answers" to their feelings.

I know the "movement" in depth, free of the media distortion which occurs
thanks to the ADL, Mr. Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center and others.
If my efforts can help prevent more kids from being sucked into the
"movement," even indirectly and distantly, I'm glad to do so.

Please do check out my webpage, which will explain many things about me.
There are also some rather bold statements against the "movement"
archived at the Nizkor site, in files kleim.0896 and kleim.0996.

Good day.

-- Milton John Kleim, Jr.