Re: Further Evolution beyond the Human?

David Veal (
6 Oct 1996 19:04:49 GMT

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Theodore A. Holden <> wrote:
>Brian Davison <> wrote:
>>I have an interesting theory on evolution to consider. It seems most
>>likely that the natural process of evolution is finished, and mankind is
>>the final product of that evolution. So the question remains, what
>>comes next?

Evolution has no final product, and the way genetics works hasn't
changed. Evolution hasn't stopped.

>Evolutionism (the idea that <survival of the fittest> is the only moral
>law in nature) has brought us English colonialism, the opium wars,
>robber-baron capitalism, fascism, naziism, and two world wars.
>You want to know what comes next? The answer is that unless
>humankind disabuses itself of this stupid bullshit, WW-III comes next.

You're taking about a particular version of social darwinism, which
has very little to do with the scientific theory of evolution. The
scientific theory has nothing to say about morality.

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