Re: Further Evolution beyond the Human?

Stephen Barnard (
Sat, 05 Oct 1996 20:31:12 -0800

Publius wrote:
> Brian Davison ( wrote:
> : I have an interesting theory on evolution to consider. It seems most
> : likely that the natural process of evolution is finished, and mankind is
> : the final product of that evolution. So the question remains, what
> : comes next?
> :
> :
> : If you can allow me to delve into this a little bit, and I hope you will
> : not think this is going too far into the realm of science fiction, the
> : next step could be silicon based life forms instead of carbon based life
> : forms as human beings are. In other words (at least regarding the
> : current standards of technology) electronic, or computer life forms.
> I once posted an article supporting the possibility that "Machine"
> (a term encompassing all mechanisms and their possibilities) could
> eventually and with our unknowing help would reach a position
> where it would be able to operate and renew itself without our
> help - eventually achieving "Everlasting Life" (which some of
> us hope is possible for some component of our nature).
> Having achieved that advanced status, 'Machine' would then look
> at us and in fact all organic Life as an irrational menace tp
> its existence and would proceed to wipe out organic Life,
> and thus having the stage all to itself - to what purpose I
> can only conjecture. PUBLIUS at <> (Thanks for
> your good article.):
> :
> :
> :

This is the stuff of pulp SciFi.

Steve Barnard