Re: Call for Papers -- the Athropological Canon on Indonesia.

Gerold Firl (
5 Oct 1996 01:03:55 GMT

In article <>, Ronald and Katryne Lukens Bull <> writes:
|> The American Ethnological Society will hold hold its annual meetings in
|> Seattle, March 6-9, 1996. The theme is "Anthropology and the Canon."
|> I wish to propose a panel that will address the emergence of the
|> Geertzian paradigm in Indonesian studies, what it has meant for the
|> study of religion in Indonesia (particularly Java) and new direction for
|> Indonesian studies. My particular interest is in the construction of
|> an anti-Islamic canon in the study of Javanese religion.

Interesting; I wonder if you could amplify on what you mean by
"anti-islamic". To the casual observer, the view of islam as a fairly
casual veneer over a hindu/buddhist indic/animist indigenous culture
looks pretty accurate. We have bali, an entire island of heretic
unbelievers an easy canoe ride away; how could such an abomination have
been allowed to exist? What about gamelan performances taking their
themes from the mahabarata; the life of mohammed appears to have
inspired no such popular devotion. What about the persistance of local
animism; surely such pagan practicies would be deemed heretical by
mainstream islamic jurists. Is it anti-islamic to ask these questions?

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