Call for Papers -- the Athropological Canon on Indonesia.

Ronald and Katryne Lukens Bull (
Fri, 04 Oct 1996 15:48:14 -0700

The American Ethnological Society will hold hold its annual meetings in
Seattle, March 6-9, 1996. The theme is "Anthropology and the Canon."
I wish to propose a panel that will address the emergence of the
Geertzian paradigm in Indonesian studies, what it has meant for the
study of religion in Indonesia (particularly Java) and new direction for
Indonesian studies. My particular interest is in the construction of
an anti-Islamic canon in the study of Javanese religion. The exact
theme and focus of the panel are still tentative. If you think you
might be interested, please e-mail soon. Since abstracts must be
submitted to AES by Dec.1, I ask that all abstracts (75-100 words) be
sumbittred to me by Nov 15.

Ron Lukens Bull
Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology
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