Re: Chariots of da Gods?!!

Chuck U. Farlley (you@somehost.somedomain)
3 Oct 1996 02:31:01 GMT

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>John Rice Cole ( wrote:
>: Summary:
>: I just saw a promo about an "ALL NEW EVIDENCE TV show tonight on
>: ABC--"Chariots of the Gods?" ("Did civilization reach Peru from outer
>: Is this some attempt to "top" NBC's "Mysterious Origins of MAn" and
>: "Ark" shows???
>: Oy.
>: --John R. Cole
>I watched it last night. Another set of lies, half-truths and fantasies
>foisted on the TV-viewing public. Pretty disgraceful. You know, for all
>the whining by these fantastic, "alternative" archaeologists that they
>being suppressed by the establishment, they sure get a lot of big-time
>network air-time. At least twice in the past year the claim has been
>in front of a national TV audience that, for example, Tiwanaku is over
>10,000 years old and built by space aliens. That probably constitutes
>over 99% of that same public will ever hear of Tiwanaku.
>There may be a conspiracy of silence here. But it isn't being
>by the archaeological "establishment" (whatever that is).

What was discovered beyond the airshaft door in the pyramid?