re: head covering

Jack Story (
Thu, 03 Oct 1996 13:58:22 -0700

Alison Treleaven wrote:
I maintain
> that it is due to practical reasons and that eventually as
> we hid and covered we became more and more curious, and eventually
> as these requirements became useless (air conditioned cars in Saudi)
> human kind has desired to disobey this archaic law but in cases
> where this is impossible he put's a moral/immoral spin on it.

I think this is a perfectly logical FUNCTIONALIST argument. The only flaw is that
we assume the texts to be of deific origin. Even if we agree that God speaks to
man (which I do believe) we have to admit to ourselves that even under the best of
circumstances men/women make mistakes or purposfully misrepresent the facts. The
holy texts are just as likely to be victim to Human behaviors.
Law codes today have been used to line pockets or strengthen a political position
I believe that human nature is no different today than in the past.