Re: Chariots of da Gods?!!

William Belcher (
3 Oct 1996 03:36:34 GMT

Of course you are right, Fred - no thesis (or hypothesis is sound or
unsound), unless it is presented in an untestable fashion or an
unfalsifiable fashion. Most of von Danikens work is presented in such a
manner - his whole thesis that there was a war of the Gods (in Gold of the
Gods) is based on his assumption that the asteroid belt between Mars and
Jupiter was caused from a spaceship that exploded the planet that formerly
existed there - does this make his thesis more sound? His thesis is based
on many false assumptions - the entire exercise is a house of cards that is
based on a faulty foundation.

That's not prejudice - unless you want to say that I am prejudice against
bad or non-science that attempts to pass itself off as science. No one can
falsify his thesis/hypothesis, therefore, it can never be examined.