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: > >I just saw a promo about an "ALL NEW EVIDENCE TV show tonight on
: > >ABC--"Chariots of the Gods?" ("Did civilization reach Peru from outer
: > space?")
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: > "Chariots of the Gods" was a wacko book first published in Britatin in
: > 1969 G.P. Putnam & Sons. It was written by Erich Von Daniken and was
: snip snip
: Von Daniken may have been wacko but he raised a lot of questions.
: Questions which since have been answered by scientist .... and not all
: of it disproved VD's theory.

: Let's keep an open mind. We don't have all the answers ... yet.

I actually READ the book, and his principle objections to accepted
notions of the pre-Columbian Americas was that they suggested certain
sorts of things should be found in certain sorts of (then) unexamined
sites, while he thought much more interesting things would be there. As
things still stand, I haven't heard what exactly some of the more
peculiar objects he pointed out actually are.

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