Re: Was Boas the root of all Liberal thought in America
23 Oct 1995 17:14:43 GMT

W O Beeman ( wrote:
: The following message was sent to me anonymously on the net. It is garbage
: of course, so please don't flame me, but I thought readers of the list
: would like to see how extremists are characterizing us these days. This
: was not only promulgated in print but also broadcast. The internet address
: appears to be bogus.

We received mass mailings of this at ASU a month or two ago. The
From: address is a fake, though a rather poor one. It was possible
to trace it back through the header to USC, even though it had been
routed through Italy in a feeble attempt to conceal the origin.
I informed the USC postmaster, but I don't know if they ever did
anything about it. They can't really nail it on content, but
unsolicited mass mailings with faked addresses are frowned upon
by most responsible sysads.

It checked out the web site. Pretty standard white supremacist stuff.

Ben Buckner