Re: Matriarchy - Female dominated cultures

jake lewis (
Mon, 23 Oct 1995 22:23:27 GMT

MCM@CityScape.Co.Uk (Peter Marsh) wrote:
>I'm looking for info on any cultures which have demonstrable equity in
>gender roles or where females occupy the higher status positions.
>There was, apparently, a feature on CNN Asia concerning a
>female-dominated society in part of China. They may be called the "Mu
>Su" or something like that. Anybody know anything about this?
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I didn't see the feature on CNN, but evidence of the culture
you are looking for may be based around an archeological dig at
Banpo near Xi'an in Shaanxi Provence in 1952. The site is
thought to be 6000-7000 years old. I got this information
in the "PreHistory" chapter in Chinese History published
by Great Wall books. Quite how matriachy was derived from the
dig was left unclear. It did however claim that Loa Tsu, the
founder of Taoism, recommended a reversion back to
Matriachy from the slave based economy of 1500bc China. There
isn't much else in the book so don't waste any time hunting it

Please post me if you come up with anything, particularly
concerning origin of Taoism,
Jake Lewis. Radical Anthropology Group, London.