Re: Metric Time and time again, and again, and again....

Dik T. Winter (
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 02:17:36 GMT

> >>Consider also, Whayn; a "metre", and that is exactly how the French
> >>spell it (they should know), is a thing about 1 650 763.73 times the
> >>wavelength (in vacuum) of a particular electronic transition in the
> >>element Krypton.
> >>Be aware Whein, that "kilo" (derived from the Greek) is the official
> >>SI unit prefix to denote 1000 units.
> >>For your information Wain "killo" isn't yet anything - (this of course
> >>gives you the freedom to define it as you desire, but it is to late to
> >>patent the term as you have already published it).

Interesting, you say you spell "metre" because the French do it like
that; do you also pronounce it like the French (they should know)?
But let's see, as far as I know the standards *only* standardizes the
abbreviations, not the spelling to explicitly allow local variations.
For "kilometre" I find in my set of books the following languages
(ignoring diacritics):
Italian: chilometro
Spanish: kilometro
many languages: kilometer (Danish, Swedish, Dutch, a.o.)
Swahili: kilometa
Finish: kilometri
Catalan: quilometre
Irish: cilimeadar
Welsh: kilometr (also Polish)
Maltese: kilometru (also Romanian)

Are you going to tell me that only the British, the French and the
Turks spell it correctly?

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