Re: Why do so many people try to beat up on Einstein's work?

Tom Potter (
20 Oct 1995 04:27:34 GMT

In <466lu4$> (Carolyn Wilson) writes:
> (Tom Potter ) wrote:
>:| . . . my PHYSICST.ZIP Windows-based, hypertext,
>:|physics tutorial . . . . can be
>:|downloaded from many FTP sites around the world.
>I, for one, would like to take a look at this. Can you give us an
>address? Approximate file size would help too (I have a slow
>modem and a small hard disk -- sigh!).
> "Small paths weave our village into itself."
>Austin Texas Tu Fu, ca 760 C.E.

Perhaps the best WEB site to use to download any file is:

>From here you can search on wild cards and find the files you want.
Search on PHYSICS and specify ALL operating systems and WINDOWS
to fine my PHYSICST.ZIP tutorial.

It is about 550K zipped, and expands to a little over a meg.

Let me know what you think of it, good or bad,
or if you have any suggestion on how it can be improved.

I hope you enjoy it.
Thanks for your interest.