Re: tapeworms (was Re: Leeches)

Steven B. Harris/Virginia George (
18 Oct 1995 07:50:07 GMT

In <461vm6$> (Rodger_Coghlan) writes:
>For more info than you ever wanted to know about Tapeworms (and
>inhabiting (us) the world) Read _New Guinea TapeWorms and Jewish
>grandmothers_ (the connection is Gefelte fish, the Great Lakes, and
>before food thermomers). Eewww, gross.

Gefelte fish is gross enough without the tapeworms. I've often felt
like buying some and substituting it for some of the path specimens in
glass jars of formaldehyde in the med student pathology lab area. It
would be very hard to catch for a lot of medical students-- probably
think it was some kind of tumor that needed a label. The Jewish ones
would probably joke about how that tissue looks just like gefelte

Steve Harris, M.D.