Archaeology's four fields....

Robert Moldenhauer (
17 Oct 1995 17:39:03 GMT

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I know plenty of fine American Archaeologists who are *not* anthropologists
(they are historians, theologans, classicists, etc), in fact in Biblical
(Syrio-Palestinian) Archaeology you'd be hard put to find any
anthropologists! None of the historically noted Archaeologists such as
Albright and Glueck were anthropologists.
And the best archaeology course I've taken was in the Hebrew Department at
the University of Wisconsin!

One can just as easily turn it around and say that anthropology is a sub
field of archaeology....

>On 12 Oct 1995, Michael Nakis wrote:
>> The responses I received were from... archaeologists rather than
>> anthropologists!
>Without putting too fine a point on it, archaeologists (at least in the
>United States) ARE anthropologists. Archaeology is one of the four
>subfields of anthropology, along with linguistic, socio-cultural, and
>physical anthropology.I am studying archaeology in an anthropology
>department, and, like most archaeologists, do quite a bit of reading in
>larger anthropological theory.