Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique)

Peter Wennerholm (
16 Oct 1995 19:55:27 GMT

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Jonathan Badger <> wrote:
> (Paul Menage) writes:
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>> (Kevin Anthony Scaldeferri) writes:
>Germanic/Scandianavian gods are used for a lot of day names, at least in
>Wednesday is indeed Wotan's Day
>Thursday is Thor's Day
>Friday is Frey's Day
>Tuesday is Tiw's Day, but I forget if Tiw is from the same pantheon or not.

I'll take that one - it is my ancestors we are talking about :-)

Tiw's Scandinavian name is Tyr, and he is/was the Norse god of war - the
one-handed commander of the Einhaerjar and the Valkyries. He is not to be
confused with Thor, god of thunder and lightning.


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