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> The Moslems are very tolerant of people living out of proper wedlock, (they
> place all westerners in that catagory for example). They do consider all
> women and any not properly married to be prostitutes and occasionaly bring
> them to Allah for judgement, but it is acceptable for young men to live by
> a rather different standard.
.....more deletia.....
> Women are not allowed to drive or appear in public, let alone to argue
> with the decisions of a man, but finally she could stand the rapings and
> beatings no longer and fought back, stabbing one of her attackers.

If you find these news items interesting, ask most any islamic country's
consulate/embassy what the requirements for entering their country as a
single person of the female sex. When my parents traveled to them there
parts of the world a year or two ago, there were ALL sorts of limitations
on travel, etc. listed on her travel documents. They ask all sorts of
really interesting questions.

My understanding is that females are treated more or less as 'property'.
I won't make comparisons to the US and people before the civil war, as
that would probably start a BIG flame war. Note that this is MY
understanding, I haven't been there, but have gotten second hand reports.

..(newsgroups pared down quite a bit, probably too many still)..

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