Re: Moslems in the arctic (was: Metric Time (was Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique))

15 Oct 95 19:47:22 GMT (Joel Rubin) writes:

>I should assume that if it ever came up, as with most religious codes of laws,
>they would find some way around it. After all, surely suicide is a worse sin
>under Islam than breaking a fast. (It is illegal under Jewish law to risk
>one's life by fasting on Yom Kippur.)

Islam is pretty good about giving people leeway on certain things. For
instance you don't have to go on the Hajj to Mecca if you can't afford
it. One of the biggest charaties in the Muslim world funds poor people
who don't have the money to get to Saudi Arabia on their own. Also, if
you are too sick to travel there, that's OK too. You don't have to fast
during Ramadan if you are a child, an invalid, pregnant, or menstruating.

>I once read that the Iranian Shi'ites have some sort of temporary marriage for
>young people in lust. (I'll let someone who knows what he's talking about
>confirm or deny or explain that.)

Um, no. If you want to get it on, you have to get married first. If you
get it on and you're not married, you soon will be. :) Since family is so
important in Islam, divorce is frowned upon and considered a great
tragedy for all involved. A "temporary marriage" would be a repulsive
idea for most Muslims.

>Make a strict enough law and people will find the loopholes. (In the case of
>religious laws, it seems to be the religious authorities who find the

This is because if you make a religion TOO strict, it becomes unworkable.
For example: you are not allowed to use electricity during Shabbat, so
all the elevators and lights in Israel are on timers. Hospitals are
allowed to use electricity, since they are giving their patients a chance
to celebrate Shabbat in the future. If the religious authorities didn't
allow ANY electricity, the country would be in big trouble.