Re: Male Virginity EXPLANATION

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16 Oct 1995 06:56:53 GMT

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>I am an uncircumsized male. I first had sex with a girl when I was 13.
>There was some bleeding from the underside of my penis, where the skin
>attaches on the underside of the glans. That is about all I remember.
>Hope it helps you.
>David Stites
>Don't tread on me

It certainly helps, David! Thank you very much! I have already received
similar responses through personal email, but I have been asked to
maintain the people's anonymity. You are the first one to actually post
this in public. I hope that more will follow. I also hope that we will
hear the opinion of some SCIENTISTS!

With me it happened when I was 15, and it was not my first time. I had
been having sex with my girlfriend for a couple of months already, but
she happened to be very narrow on that day. The pain was so small that
it did not prevent me from reaching orgasm, though I would not call mine
"some" bleeding; it was A MAJOR BLOODSHED. The in-out, in-out movement
(to borrow a Clockwork Orange term) ended up spreading the blood all over
our bodies. (Kind of like that one scene in Angel Heart, if you have
seen the unedited European version.) Apparently the hymen did not get
completely ruptured on that day, because about a week later (as soon as
my penis could perform again) it happened again, though with less blood
this time. This is similar to what happens with women, whose hymen does
not always get completely torn the first time.

Now, to get to the secondary point that I have been trying to make...
Such an "embarassing" loss of virginity would never occur to a
circumcised man right? In a society where every man gets circumcised,
nobody would know that there exists such a thing as male virginity,

What do you think, David?

What do you think, all you anthropologyfolk out there?

What do you think, world?