Re: Male Virginity EXPLANATION
15 Oct 1995 22:08:18 GMT

Michael Nakis ( wrote:
: I came back 24 hours after posting my original "Male Virginity
: EXPLANATION" message, and I do not see it on the newsgroup anymore.
: I know for sure that it was on the newsgroup for a certain period of time
: because I have already received replies, (btw, POSITIVE replies,) but the
: message does not show anymore. It may be netcom's fault, or there may be
: some guy out there who found some way to censor my message because he
: found it too embarassing for his male image. Whatever the case is, here
: is a repost. If you have already read it, please excuse my persistence.

You do know how newsreaders usually work with hiding the posts you've
already read, don't you? I'd be really surprised if they purged old
posts THAT fast.

: Some uncircumcised males (and wifes/girlfriends thereof) may not
: necessarily know anything about it, either, since the rapture of the
: hymen is not guaranteed to happen during a man's sexual life.

The "rapture of the hymen"? That is a typo, right? :)

Ben B.