Multiple originations of life vs evolution

donald e. tyler (
12 Oct 1995 21:17:08 -0700

Millions of generations of
bacteria without change of species.
Millions of generations of
fruitflies without change of
species. No resulting bees, ants,
etc. No real scientific evidence
of evolution. Apes with 48
chromosomes don't change to
humans with 46 chromosomes.
See "Originations of Life
from Volcanoes and Petroleum:
a scientific theory opposed to
evolution" by Donald E. Tyler (MD)
ISBN 1-884981-01-1. Discovery
Books, 1092 SW 2nd Ave,
Ontario, OR 97914 USA. $10.95
plus 4.00 S&H USA, 5.00 foreign.
Listed in Nature 308:674 Apr 12, 1984,