Re: Who wins the prize?

Paul Schlyter (
12 Oct 1995 20:25:04 +0100

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Chris Sanderson <> wrote:

> Its that time fo year again. The Swedish Award for physics will
> be announced on Wednesday (the 11th).

And this year it's a little different here in Sweden, because shortly
before the Nobel Awards a new swedish film, about the life of Alfred
Nobel himself, was released.

> Thats my info. The medicine award is already out (i dont know who)
> as is literature (some irish guy). Now is the time to speculate
> because there isn't much of it left.
> My speculations. I don't know names, just the work. High energy
> physics is dead, so look elsewhere.
> A. Discovery of third generation of matter, back in 1977. It was
> a suprise at the time and has been verified.
> B. Quantum optics advances. Particularly the discovery of
> decoherence, or maybe quantum non-demolition experiments.

You forgot the chemistry of the ozone layer -- the chemistry prize
was awarded to three atmospheric chemists....

> All of you speculate away. Warning: Steven Hawking won't get it
> because none of his predictions have been verified. Mandelbrot
> won't get it because his work is mathematical, and not a
> specific physics discovery.

Perhaps Mandelbrot some day will get the Crafoord prize instead?

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