Who wins the prize?

Chris Sanderson (cisande@gamma.std.com)
9 Oct 1995 18:03:06 GMT

Its that time fo year again. The Swedish Award for physics will
be announced on Wednesday (the 11th). Thats my info. The
medicine award is already out (i dont know who) as is literature
(some irish guy). Now is the time to speculate because there
isn't much of it left.

My speculations. I don't know names, just the work. High energy
physics is dead, so look elsewhere.

A. Discovery of third generation of matter, back in 1977. It was
a suprise at the time and has been verified.

B. Quantum optics advances. Particularly the discovery of
decoherence, or maybe quantum non-demolition experiments.

All of you speculate away. Warning: Steven Hawking won't get it
because none of his predictions have been verified. Mandelbrot
won't get it because his work is mathematical, and not a
specific physics discovery.