Re: If god exists, what created god?

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13 Oct 1995 21:22:20 GMT

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Next time, use a virus checker....

>> I have a friend who experienced a Near Death, and he was telling me one
>> day no one could do an astrological chart on him (he said the same
>> thing when it came to a numerology chart). I told him I have the
>> program and he warned me not to try to use it on him, because so far
>> every computer program has erased or crashed and would refuse all
>> further info. So I took the neccessary info and guess what, he was
>> right, my program erased. I had him come into the office and I called
>> a computer 900# astrolgical number, the same thing happened to them, in
>> fact a week later there number was disconnected.
>> I didn't give up trying, I called a friend who has numerology on
>> computer, she had a little luck but her system failed as well. She
>> said that his chart had a lot of 7's, 5's and 3's in his chart but that
>> was all she got from it.