Re: Metric Time (was Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique))

Dr J.F. Harper (
12 Oct 1995 14:46:51 GMT

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Alan Roberts <> wrote:
>Michael Kagalenko ( wrote:
>: "much easier to use in practical reckonings" ? Then, I expect,
>: you'll have no trouble telling me how many pints are in one
>: cubic foot ?

>How about 1 cubic foot of water weighs 1000 ounces?

To make use of that to answer the question asked you need to know
whether Kagalenko is interested in Imperial pints used in much of
the Commonwealth, where "a pint of water weighs a pound and a quarter"
or the antiquated version thereof still used in USA, where it's
often falsely pretended that "a pint's a pound the whole world round".

The "modern" Imperial system has of course the advantage that it's
decimal: a gallon of water weighs 10 pounds.

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