Re: British Vegetarianism is 8,000 years old?

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Tue, 10 Oct 95 23:23:47 GMT

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>'Archaeologists on the Hebridean Island of Colonsay have found
>In a shallow, circular pit, the remains of thousands of roasted hazelnuts.
>There was a noticeable absence of animal bones or fish remains.
>pit has been dated to the Mesolithic period, 8,000 years ago. The
>complete lack of animal remains has convinced experts that Colonsay
>vegetarians lived exclusively on the foods they gleaned from local

Unless they excavated the whole island, they can only conclude
they have found a large 8000 year old hazlenut roasting site.
One could also conclude from the grinding stones concentrated in some
Arizona sites that the natives lived exclusively on mesquite beans ...
when the site was only used for a few weeks a year and only to harvest
and grind the beans for transport.
Or you could conclude from the buffalo leaps (which show no signs of
vegetable diet) that the natives were total carnivores.
Perhaps the island was periodically visited for harvesting nuts.

>.... The Vegetarian; Autumn 1995 ...

Note where it was published.

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