Re: If god exists, what created god?

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9 Oct 1995 22:12:53 GMT

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>>: > I think that there is no real "GOD". Like the title says, I mean
if there
>>: > was a god, than who created him/her?
>>If God is defined as infinite and eternal, than how COULD anyone have

>>created Him? The question makes no sense, since God was not created,
>>simply exists (IMHO).
> It's turtles all the way up, too.
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I think that God was created after all else in the Universe was
created. God is a term that is and was used to bring attention to us
and other forms of this life, aware that there is another life after
this, if we all are energy then we have another life.

If there truly was just one God or a number of God's that had any power
to control, or help others, our world would not be in the mess it is

I have a friend who experienced a Near Death, and he was telling me one
day no one could do an astrological chart on him (he said the same
thing when it came to a numerology chart). I told him I have the
program and he warned me not to try to use it on him, because so far
every computer program has erased or crashed and would refuse all
further info. So I took the neccessary info and guess what, he was
right, my program erased. I had him come into the office and I called
a computer 900# astrolgical number, the same thing happened to them, in
fact a week later there number was disconnected.

I didn't give up trying, I called a friend who has numerology on
computer, she had a little luck but her system failed as well. She
said that his chart had a lot of 7's, 5's and 3's in his chart but that
was all she got from it. A friend of hers said she would do a chart by
hand, she worked on his chart day in and day out, she took time off of
work, she told her friend that she felt compelled to complete that
chart, she didn't, eight days into working on the chart, she had a
massive heart attack and past on.

Has anyone ever had any similiar experience with anyone? Would anyone
like to come up with a resonable explaination? It all sounds to weird
for me but I saw this all happen.??


Craig Vance