Re: If god exists, what created god?

Suminderpal Bedi (
10 Oct 1995 13:38:29 GMT

"Humans created GOD" is a possible statement. GOD is a terminology
used to depict phenomena beyond the realms or ordinary human
understanding. Look at ancient cultures. There was a god for every
entity that boggled the contemporary civilizations. there was a
GOD of SUN, FIRE, STORM and the list goes on. WHY? Because people
could not reason HOW, WHAT, and WHY about SUN and so on.

Time went on and civilization evolved but only to replace multiple
gods by one GOD. Let us take a look at INDUS VALLEY civilization.
According to archelogists some artifacts found during excavation
tell us that people use to worship birds, such as doves. There
are many other examples that can be set forth.

With the advent of modern PHYSICS it might be possible in future
to exaplin the process of our existance. Many theories have already
been put on table, yet still in their youth, are pretty compelling.

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Suminderpal Singh