Re: Metric Time (was Re: Why not 13 months? (Was La Systeme Metrique))

John Winters (
Mon, 9 Oct 1995 19:36:43 GMT

In article <45bktj$>, MacFAQ <> wrote:
>>> My parents were having friends over and were making snacks. They
>>>sent me out to find a suitable roadside farm stand (we do live in the
>>>Garden State, of course) and purchase one pint of strawberries and one
>>>quart of raspberries.
>>> I get to a suitable stand. All the containers of fruit are sold
>>>in 6-ounce packets.
>>> I could not remember how many ounces make a quart, or a pint, nor
>>>could I remember whether a pint or a quart is larger, nor by how much,
>>>neither could the poor person working at the stand. And a person who
>>>up to the stand to buy something else didn't know either.
>>Me, I'm broadly in favour of the metric system but I can't let that
>>one pass. Your problem here was converting from a volumetric
>>measurement to a weight measurement, which would have been just as hard
>>in a metric system.
>Nope. Pints and quarts are both measures of volume. And converting volume
>to weight (or mass) in metric is generally easier, if you know the density
>of the substance in question, with distilled water having a density of 1.0
>grams/cubic centimeter. Admittedly, that doesn't help much with

Is there no-one on aol who can read? The guy was lamenting the problems
of converting between *ounces* (a unit of weight) and either *pints* or
*quarts* (units of volume). Nobody said anything about converting from
pints to quarts.

Give me strength!


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