Re: GIS and REMOTE SENSING as a tool in Anthropology

Thomas L. Billings (
3 Oct 1995 04:55:17 GMT

Michael Buescher <bueschmi> wrote:
>Hallo all of you,
>For a future research project I would like to know:
>Who is using
> GIS (Geographic Information System)
> or Remote Sensing
> in Anthropology / Ethnology / Archaeology
> for their research work?
>Do you have any suggestion where to look?
>What are YOUR experience with these tools?
>Thank you very much
>Michael Buescher

Oddly enough there may be some help on this from the Wall Street
Journal. Today's Journal had a technology article in it's marketplace
section about GIS use in Archaeology. It spoke of one roman site near
Wroxeter, England being excavated using the help of such techniques.

The key part may be a statement

"Both Mr. Van Leusen and Scott Madry, associate director at the Center
for Spatial Analysis at Rutgers Uniersity in New Jersey, say there are
about 20 people qualified to offer peer review on research work in this
field, and established archaeologists are only now coming to grips with
the technologies."

Talk to Scott Madry at Rutgers and find out who his 20 peer reviewers
might be. That should be a good start on your search.


Tom Billings