Re: kurgan culture: indo-european sources

Michael Nakis (
30 Sep 1995 22:49:24 GMT

In <449eqc$> harri cherkoori <harri> writes:

>i remember reading in an encyclopaedia britannica during my teens, that
>was a reasonable fit between a proposed indo-european source culture
with that
>of a south-russian civilization of 3500 b.c., the so called kurgan
> what became of this speculation, or were there alterior,
historical, motives
>for postulating this fit?
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> harri
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> harri cherkoori

This is probably more of an archaeology type of question, but anyway:

I recently tried to read Colin Renfrew's "Archaeology & Language, the
puzzle of Indo-European Origins," which probably contains more answers to
your question than you would care to receive.

Unfortunately, I found the book boring, (I dropped it after reading two
thirds,) because it is way off my field and my interests, so I cannot
help you with your question.

If nobody else gives you a direct answer, you might want to check out the

Good luck.

Oh, by the way, what is "at" in ""?