Re: Email Surveys: Pros and Cons...

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30 Sep 1995 20:05:36 GMT (Luana Lisandro) wrote:
> Hi,
> I am wondering if anyone has any comments about the pros and cons of
> Email surveys... Personally, I think that they tend to draw ppl that
> have vested interest in answering the survey itself... and parallel post
> survey's for response rates... not to mention the validity of sample
> size... then there is the problematic nature of the structure of questions
> in a cross-cultural context...
> Luana
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Any survey - with a desire to be a probability random survey - has to
consider what is the type of person who is likely to answer. Email
users as a sociological study is still in its infancy. One would first
have to do this analysis first. Socioeconomic status would be narrow,
I would think. Is Email a middle class practice?? What I'm saying is
survey's are riddled with problems, email would do nothing to solve them,
If anything it would complicate them. Just a thought. Robi