Play Viking Halatafl !!!!!

Steve Neeley (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 16:24:37 -0800

It begins with the sound of weeping in the night, and ends with a prayer
spoken over a lonely grave . . . It is about a little girl laid to rest
years ago, a prized silver brooch, and a final bond of love. . .
It is about a hapless kayaker, theft, repentance, and mourning . . .
. . . It is a story of the Vikings . . . but for all of this it is
actually not a sad game at all . . . for it is an adventure in which a
Viking girl, happy to have finally found a playing partner, teaches a
how to play a favorite game -- Halatafl, The Fox Game. As they
play and talk, Gudrun describes the life of a Viking and entertains
with stories of the Vikings of old . . .

Halatafl -- The Fox Game v1.0s is a shareware version of the ancient
game of Fox and Geese, played from before 1000 AD. by the Icelandic
which spread to all of northern Europe and became one of the most popular
'Hunt' games of medieval times. Stunning images, great game-play,
excellent MIDI background music, and fun game sounds -- all very
Learn about the Vikings as you play! Fun and educational at the same
BUT are you good enough to beat the little Viking girl Gudrun at her own
Requires VBRUN300.DLL to play.

I have uploaded HALATF.ZIP to the ftp site: in the Pub/Incoming/Games/Windows directory.
It may be moved (in a week or so?) to a different directory at this same
In the meantime, I'm trying to persuade some of the many medieval
Web sites ;-) to house this game. You can visit my HomePage:

to 'jump' to these sites when they become available.

Please download 'Halatafl -- The Fox Game' and give it a try.
I think you will enjoy it.

Best Wishes,