Michael Rogero Brown (
27 Nov 1996 21:14:17 GMT

Ralph L Holloway ( wrote:
: For those tired of the Carboniferous coal-skull, try the NY Times
: Science Section, starting on the front page of the first section, of the
: newly discovered Homo maxilla found at Hadar dating to 2.3 million years
: ago. Was found in 1994 and is just published in the most recent issue of
: Journal of Human Evolution. In particular read about the descriptions of
: the ecology of the times, and see how the savannah strawman arguments
: evaporate...
: Ralph Holloway

Also, this week's Time magazine had a full page article on it, with a pretty
nice 'family' tree of Homo and Austrilopicen (sp??). They too explained the
same stuff you mentioned above.

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