Re: Race, Science, & Political Correctness

Bram Diepenbrock (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 03:39:12 -0800

Toby Cockcroft wrote:
> In article <>,
> (Arthur Ed LeBouthillier) wrote:
> >Ah....race, ethnicity, gender and sexual preference? You forgot
> >national preference and what about ice cream preference.
> >Political Correctness is used as a moniker for the twisted and
> >anti-White viewpoint of people like you. Political Correctness
> >refers to the decades-long propaganda campaign by people
> >like you to destroy my race and culture.
> Sorry Arthur but LeBouthillier is a name of French origin which excludes
> you from the "White" race. Your latinate heritage has more in common with
> north Africa and Turkey. And please don't dispute me because I'm White
> and we don't need your kind in our club.
> Toby

This kind of dribble has nothing to do with anthropology or "culture"
for that matter...! White, French, socially correct,
feminist/abortionist, gay or lesbian, or ..., who the hell CARES in the
context of this newsgroup ?