Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Gregory Taylor (
27 Nov 1996 04:25:42 GMT

Bob Whitaker <> wrote:
>God, you clonesa are stupid. Go to your library, get *The New Right
>Papers*. Look at the dust jacket. Wipe the drool off your mouth.

As you can see if you're reading at all carefully, both Mr. Brown
and Ms Finsten and myself are all plowing with considerable wonder-
ment through "A Plague on the Reader," marvelling that such a single
concentration of "Proof By Assertion" didn't just punch a hole in 3-space.
But I've been looking about some more, and I hope you won't mind my
asking about something which *isn't* on your dust jacket....

I decided to start looking for the first occurence of your oft-repeated
phrase about ANWWtKSMJ (A Nazi Who...), having wagered a goodly amount
on finding that you're the first person who actually uses the phrase,
and applies it to yourself (I know, it's an easy lob....). But I've
found a couple of other interesting little non-kneejerky bits of posted
flotsam by yer baad se'f that are of some greater interest. To wit:

>From Mon Jun 3 16:26:47 PDT 1996
>From: bob whitaker <>
>Subject: Re: Liberals Will Be Killed in The Coming American Civil War Two
>Date: 2 Jun 1996 15:29:01 GMT
>Message-ID: <4osbvt$>

>Listen, creep, I'm not the only doctorate in the New Right
>Papers, but nobody mentioned it. In that league it would be
>considered silly. A PhD is a God to a little PC freak like
>you, but only to you.

This particular posting (check DejaNews or Nizkor for it, if
you're interested) would seem to suggest you're a Ph.D. in ???
Since you're an ex-researcher yourself, you must certainly
know about the publication "Dissertation Abstracts," right?
It's the first place one looks for the who/when/what for kind
of stuff for folks with academic degrees. So, of course, I'm
thinking, "Yikes. The geezer produced an entire book unencumbered
by anything resembling footnotes or citations as any normal
scholar would. What on earth would such a windbag have done for
a *dissertation?* If Whitless *is*, in fact, the guy who used
to be listed as faculty at Abilene Christian College until the
early 80s, then he's listed as psych/soc. I can't imagine that
the standards for the social sciences could have changed that

Well, the good news is that "Dissertation Abstracts" are now on
CD-ROM, which makes the searching a whole lot easier. The bad
news is that I don't seem to be able to locate you, Bobby. There's
quite a lot of interesting stuff on, say, Reginald Whitaker (a
Canadian political scientist), but I didn't see you anywhere on
the listing - a listing which goes back to, ah...the turn of the
century or so. So tell us all, Bobbo - who gave you that Ph.D.?
Should I be looking for a Roberta Whitaker (a la Walter/Wendy Carlos)?
Roberto Whitakario? Bobski Witikercz?

Yours from the reference room,

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