Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Gregory Taylor (
25 Nov 1996 14:09:51 -0600

Bob Whitaker <> wrote:
>I am not nor have I ever been a either a member of or in the employ of
>the National Alliance.
>Now go screw yourself.

Temper, temper.... Thanks for setting us straight on the pedigree for
your particular racist coctail.

>Please look at the above paragraph. He is saying, once again, that I
>am A Nazi Who Wants To Kill Six Million Jews while he is denying that he
>and his clones say that I am A Nazi Who Wants To Kill Six Million Jews.

BZZT! Thanks for playing. My run through DejaNews and the Nizkor site would
suggest that the first person to run this tired ol' thing down was ...yep,
Bobwhite hisself. Surprise, surprise.

>I have had the highest level of security clearance available to a
>civilian. My background has been checked. That makes it really hard
>on you left-wing McCarthites, but it won't keep you from making the same
>old accusations, clone by clone.

So, you think you'd have a hope in Hades of being vetted with all this
wonderful delusional netspew kicking around with your name on it? I
don't think so. But, as long as you're talking about the Bobbo that
*was* (i.e. pre-RANT-O-Matic), try this....

This past Saturday, I was down at the local University library in
search of some stuff on the photographer Eugene Atget and
I found myself in the Reference Room. If I check the American
directories of University faculties, I notice that there's
a Robert Whitaker who drops off the map around '83 or '84
at a place calling itself Abilene Christian College. But what I
can't locate is any record of a dissertation abstract for anyone
in the social sciences with a name like yours. Are you one of
those guys who got an academic job back in the early 60s when
they were hiring faculty on the basis of an M.A.? Your research
doesn't even seem to be on the map, Bob. Nowhere. So I'm thinking
that you've got this "proof by assertion" thing stuck because you
never actually had to do it. Maybe that explains the evidentially
challenged bits - you never actually *did* any real research.

And, as you can imagine, it's intriguing to imagine that there's
a religious component to your possible ah...departure from
Abilene - I might have thought that Texas would be one of
the places I might have looked in the 1960s for theological
justifications of racism - but you didn't run afoul of a
pack of Christians who looked in askance at your racist
diatribes now, didja? 'Zat you, Bobby?

Yours from the Reference room,
Gregory Taylor

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