Re: Paki gets his turban in a spin

22 Nov 1996 18:38:09 -0000

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("Duncan R. MacMillan") writes:
: In article <> "Dr. Jai
:Maharaj" writes:
:> The thieves and their descendants must return the
:> Koh-i-noor diamond and other stolen riches to Bharat
:> before they vanish.

Why do all the pseudo-nationalists always try to "repatriate" various
high-value items on the basis of previous theft?

[flamebait deleted}

Yes, we're heard that one before.

Any minute now some twerp'll mention IQ tests, and how some people
have lower scores, etc...

What we will NOT hear about are any of the lost civilizations of the past,
such as the complex and advanced African civilizations (destabilized by
slavery), or the Chinese civilization (which for most of it's history
made the West look like a pale imitation), nor do we hear of the South
American civilizations, which might have developed technology to rival
the West, if agricultural collapse and Spanish invasion hadn't got them

So, my answer is, leave the racist opinions in whatever sewer you found
them in. We don't need them; all they do is destabilize things.

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