Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?
23 Nov 1996 05:54:37 GMT

Bob Whitaker wrote:

<snip a bunch of stuff>

> A scientist with a hell of a lot better credentials than you
>with PC, so you accuse him of child molesting.
> Lord knows, you ARE consistent!

As are you, in your inconsistence. On this and other threads you have
argued that Academia is a self-selecting bureaucracy which is part of a
huge PC conspiracy to supress right thinking and destroy the white race.
You have argued that having a degree means absolutely nothing, because
Academia produces only brainwashed clones incapable of original thought.

Now, when you think you have someone who might support your point of view
-- or when you can use them to attack a PC clone -- you suddenly value
academic credentials.

Very interesting.

And, oh yeah
We hear, we hear.

--Greg Keyes