Re: What Are the Race Deniers Denying?

Fragano Ledgister (
22 Nov 1996 13:41:23 GMT

Laura Finsten ( wrote:
: Bob Whitaker <> wrote:

: [...]

: >I have to use the same exact arguments on all your weaving
: >around to make your three or points sound new.

: You wouldn't know an argument if it snuck up behind you and bit you
: on the ass, Bob.

Laura, Laura, Laura, surely you know that if that happened he would
read the bite marks as saying 'you are a Nazi who wants to kill six
million Jews'. (Though given that Bobby has elsewhere quite flatly
asserted that consistent arguments that harm people's careers and
set the law on them are tyrannical, it is quite possible that he
would see such a breach of the categorical imperative as a
refreshing sign of political incorrectitude.)

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