Re: Ed, your pictures look fake.

chiksika (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 13:58:01 GMT (Ed Conrad) wrote:

>Stu Taylor ( wrote to

>>Hey Ed Conrad. How about putting better pictures of the skulls

>Hey, Stu:
>You certainly have raised a valid point.
>Please get baldy haircut and immediately have color closeup
>photos taken of your skull. Please promptly forward (snail-mail)
>to address below.

> We will be pleased to post comparisons of your cranium, with its
>scars and fissures, and what you say are the absence of them on left
>forehead of gentlemen with cranium embedded in rock these last
>280,046,237 years.

>Please indicate any bumps on head not there at childbirth and any
>fissures that were caused by bumps, grinds and bruises -- like the
>time you fell off the donkey during your visit to the Grand Canyon
>four-five years ago.

>Please use blue highlight pen to indicate incidents prior to age 12
>and a red highlight pen (or orange if you don't happen to have red)
>fto indicate all occurrences during your teens and later.

>This obviously is being done to eliminate all post-natal cranial bumps
>and bruises which might throw the comparison off. The preparation of
>such photos is really nothing new because President Ford had his skull
>charted in precisely this manner just before leaving office. The only
>problem, there was so much blue and red in the picture, I understand
>they had great difficulty locating his skull.

>Mail baldy skull photos to:

>Maniacal Serial Killers
>True Detective Magazine
>Globe Communication Corp.
>1544 St.-Catherine Ste. Rue
>Montreal, Quebec

>Stu: A reminder: This a Canadian address and postage
> is a BIT higher. If you only use a 32-cent stamp, I'm pretty
> sure it'll be returned for more postage.

Well that certainly is a case of AVIODING the original question;(
Typical response when fraud is involved. When I checked out the
"skull" I to had MANY questions and would like to see someone else
involved with this post opinions and further PROOF. It seems to me
the ONLY thing seen on this are posts from Mr. Conrad. How about
getting some of the "experts" you claim are verifying YOUR claims to
get involved here and add to this???

Red Wings Fan