Re: MacRae & Myers: THE CHOICE IS YOUR'S!

Ed Conrad (
22 Nov 1996 11:36:32 GMT (Steve Henderson) wrote:

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> writes:

>}>I sit there and think, "What could Ed possibly gain
>} from continuing to misrepresent me?"
>}It's quite simple, really. Ed cannot be wrong. That is one of the
>}fundamental laws of nature, superceding all but a couple of the laws of
>}physics, and maybe even those.

Thanks for the glowing compliment in which you say I cannot
be wrong (and, therefore, have never made a mistake).

Just for your information, I WILL ADMIT that I had a close call
back on May 25, 1983, and then again on Sept. 14, 1991.

On both occasions, I really, really thought I had made
a mistake.

But it turned out I was mistaken.

Ed Conrad