Ed Conrad (
15 Nov 1996 13:04:06 GMT

For Andrew MacRae and Paul Myers:

Let's get down to brass tacks.

Both of you have been incredibly cynical about my claim of having
discovered petrified bone of large land animals -- including man --
between anthracite veins in Carboniferous strata where
established science insists it certainly doesn't belong.

Both of you, because of your special interests (and buoyed with the
challenge of shutting me up to score some valuable points with your
colleagues), have been especially critical about these findings.

At this point in time, you have had numerous opportunities to see the
skull-like object embedded in the boulder which I insist is, beyond
all doubt, The World's Most Important Fossil, a human skull dating
back to the coal formations.

Do you still adamantly insist that the object embedded in the boulder
is nothing more than a concretion, a rock?

Do you still vehemently deny that it bears no resemblance -- none
whatsoever -- to a human skull?

To make it easy on yourself, I have written two answers (listed

All you need do is pick one, then post it on Nothing
could be easier!

> (Answer No. 1)
Attention Asshole:
Your boulder and the different colored stuff in the center is a
concretion and bears NO resemblance -- none whatsoever _
to a human skull.

You're a lunatic, a bloomin' idiot and a dipshit.

As one of the posters stated, someday the ``men in the white coats"
will knock on your door and cart you away. It'll be what you deserve.

You've got nothing, pal. No petrified bones! No petrified soft organs!
No nothing! You're a phony! And your ``discoveries" are phonier than
you are.

I think I've made myself perfectly clear.

> Answer No. 2
Ed, I've examined the photos of the boulder rather carefully and have
come to the conclusion that, whatever is embedded in the center, it
certainly does bear a distinct resemble to the contour of a human

Of course, ``looking like" and ``being" are horses of different fire
departments. A confirmation -- either way -- will require considerable

In fact, maybe an answer will still be inconclusive until the boulder
is broken apart to examine what is really inside.

Meanwhile, I realize I've given you a very hard time and have to
admit, rather sheepishly, that my opinion of the cell structure of the
specimens I had examined microscopically was a bit off base.

After all, I frankly admit I've never examined petrified bone before,
therefore really don't know if you're correct in claiming that the
surrounding structure of the Haversian systems vanishes as a result
of the petrification process.

As for your collection of specimens found in the coal fields, I hope
you realize that I've been dismissing them as concretions -- nothing
more than naturally shaped rocks -- because this has been the party
line for the longest time (and most often in the past it has proven to
be correct).

But never before, to my mind, has anyone ever come up with such a wide
assortment of specimens that seem to bear a resemblance to bone and
even soft organs.

I will admit, if you had found only a half-dozen or so, I definitely
wouldn't make such a statement. But you claim that you've discovered
80,000 and, although I first chuckled about your arithmetic, I now
realize it's no tall tale.

What amazes me even further is that, as you've mentioned on the
internet, every one of the specimens is different (although a few are
somewhat siimiliar contour but of different sizes).

I'd say you have what you claim you have because you certainly
have been producing intriguing specimens, one after another after

In retrospect, I apologize for being so sarcastic and reving up my
colleagues by debunking your noble cause which, if I can believe you,
is neither fame nor fortune but to give mankind a basic truth about
our species.

Documentation that man is indeed as old as coal -- that our roots
extend far beyond that of the earliest inhuman primates of 65 million
years ago -- would be welcome news to all of humanity, especially in
these dismal times when, because we think we're nothing special, we
seem to have lost all respect for ourselves and our fellow man.

YES, it is my humble opinion that the object embedded in the boulder
does INDEED resemble a human skull.

I truly hope you will understand why I've done what I had to do and
will let bygones be bygones.

Meanwhile, I'd like you to know I would welcome the opportunity to
become an active participant in your further research.
You've said you bear no animosity against folks like me who have given
you such a hard time. If I can believe you -- and I do -- maybe we can
work together to help give mankind a wonderful gift of knowledge about
itself as we prepare to set foot into the 21st century.